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Liberty London x &SMITH
Collage, Packaging

&SMITH Design and Liberty teamed up to create Liberty’s Mini British Food Hall, working with 14 UK based illustrators to work on different unique products. Their mission was to pair up local producers of food and drink with UK designers who each bring their own unique flare to the product and story.

Neda River 
Photography, Design, Art Direction

Neda is the only female river of Greece. It is located in Peloponnese and they call it a paradise on earth. In greek mythology, “naides”, friends of Αphrodite and daughters of Hades, were fairies with female appearances that lived for many years near the rivers and waterfalls.

Photography by
Anna Papanikolaou

Design and Art Direction by 
Sarah Wickings

Bole Collective
Design, Branding, Collage

Bole Collective is a production house that is a meeting point where art, music and film come together, creating content aimed at youth culture. Their ethos is to diminish the traditional heirachy of production companies. Throughout the branding their is no heirachy in information and content. On each business card includes all the teams information, but with some highlighted.

Full project here ︎

Digital Collage

Card designed for @MagCulture with the theme “We Love Magazines” in mind. The project was a collaborative one, with three other Illustrators involved creating their own interpretations.

Full project here ︎

Digital Collage, Zine Design

One definition of chaos is when nonlinear things are impossible to predict and control. If law and order rule the universe, chaos, by contrast, is the totally disorganized opposite.

words by Daren You

Full Project Here ︎

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