Neda River 
Editorial Design, Art Direction

Neda is the only female river of Greece. This zine and typographic series unfolds the story of Neda River and it’s feminine landscape through the power of photography and story telling. Collaborative project with Anna Papanikolaou.

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Liberty London x &SMITH
Collage, Packaging Design

&SMITH Design and Liberty teamed up to create Liberty’s Mini British Food Hall, working with 14 UK based illustrators to work on different unique products.

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Photos taken by &SMITH

Bole Collective

Branding project for Bole Collective, a production house that is a meeting point where art, music and film come together, creating content aimed at youth culture. Their ethos is to diminish the traditional heirachy of production companies. 

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Say What We Mean
Typography Campaign 

Let's say what we mean is a video campaign focusing on the language choices of people without Autism. It aims to make people realise how simple language choices to us, can be confusing to people with Autism.

This was awarded a Graphite Pencil at D&AD New Blood 2017

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Mojo Kojo 
Branding, Fashion Identity 

Mojo Kojo is the African Print Streetwear Label created for the celebration of African culture. The fabrics are characterised by traditional African motifs, figurative patterns and subtle colours to wear to your favourite festivals and parties. 

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London, UK 
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